9 Self-Care Things to do at Home

Hey guys! I hope you are all well and have been practicing social distancing. This is a hard time for us all and we need to take action and stay home to protect ourselves and those around us. I know it can be tough to not be able to go out to see friends and family and attend events/gatherings but we must be considerate and do the right thing.

Quarantining all day at home for another few months can seem like the worst thing and can really take a toll on yourself physically and mentally. That is why I’ve put together a self-care checklist to make sure you are using that time at home wisely and caring for yourself 🥰

#1 #SOTD (‘Sweat of the Day’). Exercise for at least 30 mins a day to boost your energy and strength. Exercising helps to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and improves your cardiovascular system. Schedule work out sessions with your friends through zoom. It’s much more motivating to work out with someone! I find that having a yoga mat is very useful to provide a cushion support and prevent slippage. Check out Blogilates workouts here for quick and fun workout routines.

#2 Take care of your hair. This sounds like an odd one but it’s important! You can make DIY hair masks at home using household items like honey, eggs, lemon juice, etc but I find that it can get very sloppy and messy! I recommend using Georgie Mane hair mask! This is a 10 minute hair mask that helps to restore and repair dry hair and promote thicker hair after just one treatment. I have really long hair and over time it can get dried out and frizzy. After trying this hair mask I saw a significant change in the shine and my hair looked fuller 😌

#3 Release stress/anxiety with a long warm bath. Toss in a bath bomb to brighten up your bath experience with fun colours. Me!bath offers a variety of bath products including bath bombs that smell so good and leaves your skin feeling moisturized and soft. Available at Walmart.ca.

#4 Listen to a podcast for some serious brain simulations and to learn something new! Here are some podcasts I recommend listening to: a) ABG (Asian Boss Girls): a podcast for the modern day Asian American woman sharing stories abut women working, dating, and living in North America. b) SYSK (Stuff You Should Know): digs deep about a interesting topic such as ‘How Amnesia Works’ and ‘What happens when your limbs rip off’. c) 10 Things that Scare Me: this podcast delves into people’s biggest fears. Check out this list for the top 30 Best Podcasts to Listen to in 2020.

#5 Get creative! Get your canvas and paint supplies out and create a masterpiece 👩‍🎨👨‍🎨 If you don’t have any fancy art supplies at home, there are still so many different ways to create art with regular household items. Here are some DIY art ideas to up your wall game.

#6 Pamper your facial skin. If your skin is feeling a little dull and tired looking, try using The Body Shop’s Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening mask. It adds shine to your skin and makes you feel awake ☀️ If you have sensitive skin, try using The Body Shop’s Mediterranean Almond Mild with Oats Soothing mask. What’s great about The Body Shop masks is that they are 100% vegan and forever against tested on animals 🐰🌱

#7 If you’re on social media and there are certain people whose content brings you down rather than lift you, it’s time for an Instagram makeover–unfollow them now! They are not worthy to be seen by you on your feed. Let them go! Keep pages that make you feel happy and inspired ✨

#8 Stock up on healthy snacks at home. I’m always craving for something sweet like chocolates and ice cream, especially when I’m on the couch watching tv. Keeping a stash of Nola granola nut clusters around definitely satisfies that sweet craving and the best part is that their so healthy! I’m currently obsessed with the coconut quinoa — they’re so addictive! They’re high in protein, vegan, gluten free and so healthy for you! Available at Wholes Foods.

#9 Check up on your family and friends. Schedule zoom hangouts and call your loved ones to check up on how they are doing. This is going to help with your mental health. Something I have been doing a lot at has been keeping things fun with my friends is playing online Scrabble and Pictionary and Trivia games on a new app I recently discovered called House Party. You can download House Party for free on your phone app store.

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