New year, new smile: Finally an at home sensitive teeth whitening kit that works! + Giveaway

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As a public relations strategist and blogger, I am constantly meeting with people for business and for networking. I feel most confident when I look presentable and having a bright smile is one of the key things that make me feel presentable and confident.

In the past, I’ve tried many different types of whitening methods. I’ve tried tooth paint. I found it to be ineffective because the whitening gel slid off almost immediately when I closed my mouth and tasted bitter.

I then attempted to try the thick waxy strips. The downside to this product was that the waxy part was way too thick. I couldn’t mold it into the small crevices between my teeth. As a result, there were some whitening, but the sides of my teeth were still yellow.

Like most people, I tried the clear white strips. Again, the main issue was that the gel on the strips melted in my mouth after some time and tasted very bitter. Secondly, the sides of my teeth (crevices) were still a little yellow because the strips did not cover the sides fully.

After going through these experiences, I even considered going to the dentist to whiten my teeth but my budget just did not allow me to take on this method.

When I first came across Smile Brilliant, I did not think much of it. It was just going to be another product that I was wiling to try for the sake of my teeth. Well, I have been using it for about a month and a half now and I must say I am very happy with the process and results.

Sensitive Whitening Kit Contents
Putty used to make teeth impressions to be sent to the lab
Once the lab received my impressions, they made plastic trays of my impressions and sent this to me

What differentiates Smile Brilliant from other whitening methods:

Smile Brilliant whitens your entire teeth – even the crevices! The trays which are exact impressions of your teeth makes it easy to cover all the bases and sides of your teeth.

I have very sensitive teeth, so it wasn’t a surprise when I experienced some sensitivity during my whitening process. I took a 2-3 day break until I healed completely and then continued on. What’s great about Smile Brilliant is that you can control the amount of whitening gel going onto your tray impressions to meet your sensitivity level. In addition, following every whitening session, you have to do a desensitizing session. This is extremely helpful because it helps to reduce sensitivity right after the whitening session and prevents further stain build up.

Tips to avoid teeth whitening sensitivity:

TIP #1: The instructions in the kit calls for 45 mins – 3 hours for the whitening session. I started at 45 minutes and added 10 minutes after each week. I find that gradually building up is much better than starting super strong and risk getting super sensitive teeth.

TIP #2: Swishing with warm salt water helps to ease any discomfort.

TIP #3: Rubbing Vaseline/coconut oil on your gums prior to inserting your trays will help to act as a barrier so that less whitening gel is able to come into contact with your gums and prevent irritation.

I highly recommend Smile Brilliant for anyone out there who wants to whiten their teeth with consistency and affordability. Customer support is absolutely amazing. Whenever I have a problem with something, I send them an email and they get back to me within a day or two.

Sensitive Whitening Kit: $149.00

Before shot:

After Shot:

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