O mon dieu, c’est Paris! [A travel guide]


I booked my flight from Toronto to Paris with WOW Air Premium because of their newer planes, affordable fares, large seats, priority check in and boarding, and I get a glimpse of Iceland!


What an experience making our way around Paris using this ultimate Tube system.


During our 10 day stay in Paris, we visited the Eiffel Tower on our last day because tickets online were sold out for all the other days. But we kept checking back and a limited number of tickets became available for our last stay in Paris (thank goodness!)

TIP: purchase tickets for the Eiffel Tower well in advance (I booked it 2 weeks before my trip) to skip the long line ups. Trust me, you do not want to wait in line for an hour to purchase your ticket. I recommend purchasing the ticket that allows access to all three levels of the tower. It is a little more pricier but well worth it. The view of Paris from the very top the is absolutely incredible!

For all the history lovers, this is a place not to be missed when traveling to France. This castle was once lived in by the famous King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Upon entering through the gold plated gates, we were greeted by one of the most beautiful architecturally designed courtyards.

The Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) is the most famous room in the entire castle. The clear paintings in the ceiling and the shiny hanging chandeliers look as if time had not past since its debut in 1689. This room is absolutely breathtaking and a dream. It overlooks the garden which is huge – I’m telling you, it is massive! On site, you can rent golf cars to ride around this garden so you don’t miss anything!

Home to the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was nearly impossible to get near the Mona Lisa because everyone wanted a picture with it. I’m sure you can easily google her, but I managed to snatch a quick photo for you (so I can really say I was there aha).

TIPS: Go early to avoid long lineups. The good news is the line moves fast so it’s not so excruciating but still, what if it rains? Well, another good news is there are illegal umbrella sellers haggling you at all points of the lineup. So I guess this isn’t really a tip after all but it’s a good heads up am I right? haha This museum is massive so leave time for at least 5 hours if you want to see all the art pieces thoroughly.

This was a lovely museum overseeing the breathtaking Seine River. The lineups here were just as bad as it was at the Louvre, but it was…sort of well worth the wait. I came during the time the Picasso exhibit was touring in Paris so I was lucky enough to see hundreds of Pablo Picasso’s paintings and also Claude Monet’s famous pieces which are permanently kept here. I learned so much about Picasso and Monet back in high school and finally getting to see them up close was a surreal moment for me.

If you love collecting old books, you are in for a treat. You can find one of the oldest book gems in a parisian bookstore.

A MUST DO for Disney lovers and magic seekers. The fireworks at the end of the day were out of this world! (I may have shed a tear or two! – ah the nostalgia)

TIP: bring food! I waited for almost 1.5 hours in line for food and almost cried. All the time could have been spent discovering all the knooks of Disneyland because 10 hours at Disneyland is not enough time. I wish I could’ve had another day at the “Happiest place on Earth”.

Rows of rectangular trees – EVERYWHERE!

Don’t forget to lock your love at the bridge that connects Musee Dorsay to Jardin de Tuileries! There were lots of vendors selling locks on the bridge so don’t worry if you forgot yours!

This is literally the centre of Paris. It is an immaculate structure with intricate sacred carvings all around. Needless to say, I felt very small weaving through the 4 archways.

This was probably one of my most anticipated attractions to visit. However, it turned out to be my least favourite. The outside is barricaded with metal fences to prevent graffiti and other possible destruction to the site. The interior was dark and eery looking.

Another beautiful cathedral. The pillars were immaculate and so perfectly aligned. I felt so safe just standing among these pillars. It is directly across the street from the University of Paris so if you go to school here, you’ll get to see the Pantheon everyday!

I 100% support anybody who wants to take a trip down the Seine River. It allows you to see some of the best views of the most gorgeous structures in Paris.

TIP: Go during the evening right before the sun sets so that you can enjoy the view of the sun setting gradually as you ride along the river. Plus, the view of the Eiffel Tower at night with the lights on is just incredible! I don’t think I’ve seen anything sparkle brightly as the Eiffel Tower does. Truly a dream.


The streets of Paris are swarming with Boulangeries (bakeries), Patisseries (pastry shops), and Brasseries (restaurants).

My diet in France consisted mostly of baguettes and macarons! I tried macarons at cute boutique patisseries (which all tasted divine!). I was hesitant to try macarons sold in McDonalds because I didn’t think it would taste good. But to my surprise, they tasted just as good. A crunchy shell on the outside and chewy filling (take me back please!). Macarons in Paris were surprisingly very cheap – compared to the ones sold here in Canada. They were 1 euro each and a pack of 6 came to 4.80 euros. Obviously I made sure it was the last thing I ate before I left the city of love.

Every morning, we had a baguette and pate for breakfast and was never bored of it. The baguettes tasted nothing like what we have back in Toronto. It’s perfectly crunchy on the outside and chewy and soft on the inside. The baguettes are made fresh and warm every morning and are easily accessible from our hotel. A typical baguette costs as low as 0.60 euros.

img-7948 (1)

I had so much fun putting this blog post together for you. I hope you enjoyed it!

With lots of love,


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