5 reasons to Love the Green Living Show πŸ’šπŸŒ±πŸŒŽ

1.      It’s full of family fun. The first show I ever went to was back in 2008 when I made my family bring in as many used electronics as possible for recycling. My 15 year old self was so proud of all the β€˜green good’ I was involving myself and my family in. My family also had a blast celebrating all things green and it certainly exposed all of us to new green technology, food, and knowledge. I walked out of there feeling happy that our family could experience something like that together! 😊

12th Annual Green Living Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Cardea AuSet: From Charcoal Face Masks to Bath Sea Salts, your skin and the planet is going to love you
Modgarden: Pairing beautiful, energetic design with a simple way to grow our own food right in the comfort of your home.
Seedlip: Distilled Non Alcoholic Spirits – Earthy and Refreshing
Moss Berry Farm: Hand-Crafted Switchels (Ginger Juice with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar)

2.      THE FOOD. Every year the line up is impressive. For this year, I was delighted to try the Singaporean salted egg potato chips from Lion City Restaurant. THE most interesting thing I’ve tried in a while. It was so refreshing. Other amazing dishes were Belgian Style Donuts from Wafel Huis, Montreal Style BBQ Brisket Slider from Farm’r, and Ontario
Root Veggie Masala with Chickpeas from 6ix Triangles.

Lion City [Singapore]: Noodles, Spicy Broth, ON Chicken, Egg, Tofu & Cucumber; ON Salted Egg Potato Chips
Urban Acorn Catering [Scotland & Haiti]: House Smoked Salmon, Potato Scone &Creamed Edamame
6ixTriangles [India]: ON Root Veggie Masala with Chickpeas
Cucinato Italian Culinary Studio [Italy]: Zeppola (Fried Pizza) with ON Tomatoes & Ricotta
Farm’r [Canada]: Montreal Style BBQ Brisket Slider
TC’s MoMos [Tibet]: ON Beef MoMos, Vegetarian MoMos

Mapleton’s Organic: Super Creamy Raspberry and Cappuccino Ice Cream

3.     Yoga stage. If you know me, you know I am a fan of yoga! I try to do yoga at least once a week. So when I saw the yoga stage, of course I had to join in. The instructor was loads of fun and everybody of all ages was having a blast following along.

Mukta Being: Eco-Friendly Cork Based Yoga Mats and Blocks

4.      The entertainment is educational. Get a load of these titles: Invest in Change, From Magic to Science-Upgrading the Quality of Your Life in 10 minutes or less, Hormones & Women’s Health, Homeopathic Remedies for Home Use, Creating a Plastic Free Future Together. So much inspiration in one place!

Cannabis Crunch – many of the Cannabis products at this year’s Green Living Show in the Cannabis Corner – talking about all the benefits of Cannabis in Canada2

5.      You are part of saving the planet! Seriously, this is the best part. Just being apart of this movement made me feel so good about not only myself for partaking in such an important cause but also reinforced my faith in our society and what we’re doing to make waves on this planet. πŸ’šπŸŒŽ

Aside from all the amazing attractions at the show, I was able to sample, support and buy amazing green products at a fraction of the retail price. I had such a great time at the Green Living Show this year and looking forward to the next! If you missed out on the Green Living Show this year, be sure to join in on all the fun next year!

Bye for now! Nature’s calling me πŸ“žπŸ’šπŸŒ±





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