Go ‘Naked’ with Buck

On Saturdays we cover ourselves in pink (if you got the Mean Girls reference, you’re pretty awesome πŸ˜‰). And in pink I mean pretty floral petals floating in a warm bath of pink Himalayan Sea Salt πŸ’•

I work that typical 8-4 job Mondays-Fridays and it definitely drains the soul out of me. I mean, I like what I do because I get to interact with kids everyday, but the routine can get very tiring. So when Friday comes around, I’m excited because I can finally have some ‘me’ time and treat myself to a nice warm and soothing bath while indulging in my favourite type of chocolates – Reese butter cups (mmm πŸ˜‹).  This definitely helps to restore my body for the coming week.

I have very sensitive and dry skin, so I’m always on the lookout for products that are made with all natural ingredients to help restore moisture to my skin. I’ve tried many soap products but many have left my skin very dry or irritated. So when I came across Buck Naked Soap Company, a local brand originating from Cambridge, Ontario, that believes in using the purest of ingredients to make their all natural, vegan soap products, I was intrigued to learn more! Sure enough, it turned out to be more than a soap company. Responsibly speaking, they have partnered with WE Charity which helps to give clean water to developing communities in Kenya with the purchase of their WE Charity Collection of soap products. Wow πŸ™ŒπŸΌ


I tried their Eucalyptus Himalayan Salt Soap since I love the smell of eucalyptus. Sure enough, it was perfection in a bathtub. The minty eucalyptus smell helped me loosen up and relax and the salt helped balance my skin moisture and improve the circulation of my lymphatic fluids. As for the soap, I tried their Cranberry + Mint Soap. I’ve been using it everyday for 2 weeks now and am amazed with how fresh and soft my skin feels. Not only that, but I leave the showers smelling extra good ☺️

Reducing my carbon footprint is something I always strive to do, which is why I love how Buck Naked is also a Canadian brand!

Do you have a favourite local Canadian brand? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Saturday loves πŸ’˜




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