Boost Your Life with Well Told Health

Ever since I cut back on coffee, I often feel tired in the mornings and can’t seem to focus at work, so I ultimately resort back to caffeine to help me get on with my day. But I really don’t like having caffeine hanging out in my system all day (makes me anxious!) so I’m always on the look out for any sort of energy/protein bars or snacks to help me overcome my tiredness. So when I came across Well Told Health Energy Boosters last month, I had to give them a try and see if they can offer me the ultimate stamina.

Each beautifully designed Well Told Health bottle contains organic supplements crafted from organic foods that helps boost different areas of your daily health.

I’ve been using Well Told Health energy boosters for the last 2 weeks, and not only has it helped me feel energized in the morning after breakfast, it has helped enhanced my overall work performance. Needless to say, I haven’t touched a single drop of caffeine!

At first it was a somewhat difficult adjustment because I had to get used to remembering to take them on the daily, but because it is so portable to carry around in my purse, it was readily accessible.

While I tried the Energy Booster, my blogger friend, Priscilla Wong, tried the Antioxidant booster and Vitamin D booster for the last 2 weeks. Here are her thoughts:

I am a very busy girl. I have an early morning job as a Barista, I am in school currently taking two courses, and I am also managing two companies – one freelance makeup artist, and a beauty school. So, you can imagine my load. On top of all that, the weather tends to affect my physical health as well. So, naturally I chose to give the antioxidant booster and vitamin d booster a try.
My first impression on Well Told Health was that the packaging looked very nice. I love simple designs, so the box was enough to intrigue me about the product. Upon opening the box, we were provided with an introductory sheet about the product, their company, along with the supplements. The supplement bottles are beautifully designs and are made of plastic, therefore it’s fairly light, and easily transportable.
I’ve been using both Well Told Health Antioxidant Booster and Vitamin D Booster in the last two weeks, and I have noticed a dramatic difference in my overall health. It has helped me not only feel better but has helped to manage my stress both physically and mentally. My overall work performance as a result has increased. I tend to struggle with maintaining supplements, however, with the beautifully designed bottles and product claims I found it was easy to take daily.
With a variety of clean supplements, it invigorates and nourishes the body with organic food, and nothing else. Exactly what makes Well Told Health amazing.

If you would like to try any of these boosters, click here. They come in the mail super fast! Mine came within 1 business day. ALSO, use my code LINDERSURPRISE15 and get 15% off your purchase at checkout.

Have a wonderful weekend babes and remember to love yourself, make time for yourself and take extra care of your health!



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