I’m a social coffee drinker now.

I used to drink coffee religiously and heavily back in my undergrad years where caffeine was my only friend who stayed up with me and helped me pull all-nighters before exams or putting last minute touches to assignments and papers. Ever since I graduated, I stopped drinking coffee because it was really messing with my sleeping habits. But once in a while, I miss that warm cup of sweet and bitterness in my mouth, so I give in and get a cup (or two!). Instead of going out to those overrated coffee shops (which I do too often) such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons, and McDonalds, I like to go to independent coffee shops in Toronto and try something new. In the last month or so, I’ve gather a few independent coffee shops in Toronto that I’ve visited and am going to share my experiences with you.

Jacked Up Coffee: Probably the most prettiest coffee truck I’ve seen (ok, its the only one I’ve seen. But to be fair, there aren’t really any other coffee trucks in Toronto, so). Located at the entrance of the Yorkville Village Mall, it adds a nice festive touch to the overall Christmas vibing aesthetic of the area. With a wide selection of coffee types, I opted for a flat white. It was very smooth and creamy and was exactly what I needed to warm up while I browsed the shops in the Mall.

The Coffee Lab: Hidden in a bookstore on the University of Toronto downtown campus, this ‘nerdy’ shop serves up a special drink called The 6 for $4.16. Sounding so Torontonian and cool, I obviously had to get it. Consisting of precisely measured (and scientifically proven) 2 oz espresso, 2 oz drip coffee and 2 oz steamed milk, the flavor turned out as great as I had expected it to be– rich, creamy and kept me high allll day 🤩.

Tucana: Walking along Dundas Street, my eyes were drawn to this cute little pink walled shop with large neon signs that bared COFFEE. Already, that sucked me in (haha). Walking inside definitely gave me tropical South American vibes. The staff was very friendly and we chatted for a bit while he made my latte. My drink tasted great, more bitter than I’d usually take my latte. I would definitely return here for more coffee and enjoy the warm aura of this place.

De Mello Palheta: Located inside Merchant Sons, a retail concept store selling hand-picked vintage furniture finds that remains in the store as permanent fixtures, this little coffee bar allows customers to enjoy coffee while browsing the showrooms. For those with a penchant for shopping like myself, this place is the perfect experience for enjoying both coffee and shopping in one place.  I ordered the almond milk latte and I must say, it’s probably the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had. The flavor was unexpecting and was out of this world.  I could drink this everyday. 

The Boxcar Social: I seriously envy those living in this neighborhood. I would go here everyday just to hang out or do my work. The space is clear enough for me to feel decluttered and free to concentrate on work stuff. But the bar is cozy and friendly enough for me to just unwind and have a drink with friends. The high ceilings connote an air of fanciness, which is great for hosting small gatherings/events. Ok, coffee wise, it was mediocre. I went for the tasting which consisted of three different types: Brazilian, Ethiopian and Colombian. Maybe it’s me but I just was not feeling any of the flavors. Perhaps it was not brewed long enough.

I’d love to try more new coffee places in Toronto. If you have an suggestions, please let me know in the comments 😊




  1. Danielle Wawryk

    Oh if only I could become a social coffee drinker. I love coffee but sometimes I think I only drink it out of habit. Such a terrible habit! I own a Keurig which only takes up space on my counter, an espresso machine I only use on weekends, a French press, a Vietnamese filter, a stovetop espresso, oh I better stop now. In a perfect world I’d spend my days sipping lattes in unique coffee shops but until then I’ll dream visiting the ones you posted.


    1. lindersurprise

      Wow! You’ve got quite the collection of coffee makers, Danielle ;D And yes! Drinking coffee socially is worth converting to since excessive caffeine can really mess with your sleeping habits. And sleep is good for your overall health (oh man, I could write a post on this haha).
      If you ever come to Toronto, we can chat about this over coffee 😉


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